Fitness Over the Holidays

Hey Everyone!! I am so excited to be done with exams and am 1 day away from Winter Break!!! I am so happy to be done–>we had 5 exams and it was extremely stressful! Now it is on to a nice and relaxing break.

Since it is the holidays I know a lot of us (including myself) have a hard time keeping up with our normal workout regimen. Also, since it can get so cold (except not here in NYC…55 degrees today??) it can be a little hard to drag yourself out of bed and on a run or over to the gym. So, I have put together a list of tips for you all on how to make sure your fitness does not drop too  much over the holiday season.

  1. Find some good at-home workouts. I am working on a compilation of at-home workouts for you guys that should be up within the next couple of days. My all time favorite at-home workouts come from Blogilates (youtube and blog). She has tons of videos and printable workouts that are so challenging and even more fun. I suggest extreme abs (extreme abs 1 and extreme abs 2)! I also love peanut butter fingers and fitnessista.
  2. Do not go to holiday parties hungry. Now I’m not saying go full to the brim either. You want a nice balance. It’s inevitable that most people will snack a little at a party, but most of the foods at these parties are holiday treats. Making sure you are not too hungry or too full will help you to control yourself around all of the food :).
  3. If it’s that kind of party…DANCE! Okay, I will admit a strange one. Hey, whatever gets you moving.
  4. Walk! Walk! Walk! This applies to all year round…walking is a great form of exercise that you can do anywhere, anytime. We all have a lot of holiday shopping to get done, so walk to the store (if it’s within a reasonable distance) and try and do a little more shopping in store. I know it can be hassle and many people do not like it but it can be so fun if you go in with a positive attitude. Plus, it gets you moving!
  5. Don’t be afraid to indulge…a little. If you walk into a party with the mindset of not letting yourself eat anything you probably won’t be able to enjoy yourself as much. Parties are all about friends and family so let yourself have a little treat and tip #2 will help you out :).

I hope you guys enjoyed this and stay tuned for the workouts I will be posting soon! Happy Holidays!

-What are your favorite at-home workouts?

-Any tips on how to stay fit over the holidays? We would all love to hear!

-What are your holiday plans?




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